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Student Affiliate LATE Enrollment

January 19, 2018


TMTA has created new for enrolling students into Student Affiliate. Please read carefully below for the new instructions. 

Description: To be part of an informed body of students gaining a wider musical experience than is usually afforded in private music study, with recognition for achievement in various phases of musical education and activity.

Eligibility: 1-12 Grade and Post-12 (up to age 26)

Deadlines & Fees:

SA membership fees per student:

$13.50 – before September 22, 2017

$14.50 – before January 19, 2018

$21.50 – before March 23, 2018

Additional SA late enrollment fee $25 for each student entered in an event
prior to SA registration.

SA Instructions for Teachers

Registration Instructions:

1. Sign in on www.tmta.org. A blue sign-in button is available on the upper right hand corner of the site. You can watch an instructions video here.

2. Once you sign in, the list of your students will appear. You can watch an instruction video on how to add/update students info here.

3. Click the Edit button next to the student’s name.

4. Choose the current grade level for the student.

5. Select “Student is Homeschooled,” if applicable.

6. Students participating in TMTA events throughout the year (such as Ensemble, Composition, Publication, Performance, etc.) need to have parent name, email, address, and phone number information.

7. Students who will participate only in the Theory or World of Music Test do not need further contact information.

8. Teachers will be able to add new students who are not transfers in their teacher profile along with needed information such as address, parent’s name, etc. Click on Save Student when done editing or adding.

9. Teachers must inform the Local SA chair of any students who have transferred from another TMTA teacher. DO NOT enter transfer students as new students. The Local SA Chair will transfer the student to the new teacher’s list. Type “transfer” in the notes section of the transfer student.

10. Type in the notes section for each student the words “student affiliate” if you want your student enrolled in student affiliate.

11. If the student is a transfer student, type in the words “transfer from…” and then the words “student affiliate.”

12. If you want a student removed from your profile, type in the notes section “remove from profile.”

13. Add your new students to your profile by clicking on the “add” button.

14. Students may remain in your profile and not be student affiliate. Simply leave their notes section blank.

IMPORTANT!! Once you have updated your TMTA profile and your students’ info, please send your updated student list to the Student Affiliate chair, Yanira Soria, by email at yanirasoria@gmail.com. Payments can be made through the HMTA website or by check made out to HMTA.

Student Affiliate Events: (*State Theory Test must be passed with a 70% or above to participate)                       

Original Composition Contest*

Performance Contests*

Convention Ensembles (Multi-Piano)*

TMTA Chamber Music Ensemble*

Scholarship Auditions*

World of Music Test (not for Post-12 SA members)

State Theory Test (not for Post-12 SA members)

Publication Contest

It is important that teachers enroll students in student Affiliate BEFORE enrolling them in any student Affiliate Activity. A $25.00 penalty fee per student will be assessed to the teacher in addition to the enrollment fee if a student participates in an event prior to SA enrollment.             

TMTA Student Affiliate Awards:                                                                                   

SA State Participation Award

Twelve-Year Plaque (State Theory Test)

TMTA Whitlock Memorial Scholarship Award

State Ensemble Award

McGaughey Award (World of Music)

Elizabeth Morris Ensemble Scholarship

Mansfield Award (State Theory Test)

Ella Louise Burba Award

Twelve-year Participation Certificate (State Theory Test)

Loving Gold Medal Theory Award (State Theory Test)

Loving Gold Medal Theory Award (State Theory Test)

Finalize Registration

Submit Payment For Registrations


January 19, 2018


Dr. Yanira Soria

©2019 Houston Music Teachers Association

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