The Houston Music Teachers Association is a professional organization of music teachers dedicated to the promotion of the art of music and the advancement of musical knowledge throughout the Greater Houston, TX area.

Statement of Purpose

Houston Music Teacher’s Association 

 The Houston Music Teachers Association (HMTA) was founded in September of 1941 in order to provide scholarships to music students through music competitions and performance opportunities, as well as to further the careers of promising young musicians. By 1947 the organization’s roster had 100 members and in the intervening decades it has never faltered in its committment to provide members and their students with avenues for musical growth.

Presently, HMTA members enjoy:

  • Monthly meetings and musical programs
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Access to the yearly Texas Music Teachers Association convention
  • Professional camaraderie and informal mentoring opportunities

 Additionally, students of HMTA members have access to:

  • Area-wide recitals
  • Piano festivals
  • Performance and piano contests (local, state-wide, and national)
  • Music history and theory standardized testing
  • Composition and publication contests