HMTA Educational Foundation

Description: The foundation is a non-profit educational organization operating according to guidelines set forth by the Internal Revenue Service 501(c)(3) designation and by its own bylaws.  Tax-free donations may be made to the foundation by corporations, organizations, and individuals for distribution to qualified music students through programs sponsored by the foundation.

THE HMTAEF MUSIC SCHOLARSHIP The Houston Music Teachers Association Board of Directors has established and agreed to fund a Music Scholarship with the following requirements: 1. Applicants shall be declared majors in music. 2. Applicants shall furnish the trustees of the Foundation with transcripts of one semester’s work completed in the major. 3. Applicants shall furnish the trustees with two letters of recommendation from current faculty members at their respective schools 4. Applicants shall be prepared to perform and/or to present students in performance before the trustees. 5. Neither applicants nor their teachers need to be members of HMTA. 6. Scholarship checks shall be made payable to the college or university specified on the application form. 7. Form available below.

HMTA Blanton Kelly Fund Travel Grant

Description and Purpose: The Trustees of the Leah Estelle Blanton Fund met in 1987 to decide upon the best way to assist student of HMTA members participating in MTNA-TMTA/ SA Auditions at State Contests, South Central Division Contests, and at National Contests.  Subsequently, Articles XIII, Section I of the Bylaws was revised to comply with that decision.

Application Deadline: Students may submit applications anytime throughout the year.

Application Information: 1. To apply for a Leah Estelle Blanton Fund Scholarship/ Travel Grant, click on the button below. 2. It is understood that the Blanton Trust Fund Scholarship/Travel Grant will vary from year to year according to the number of students eligible and the interest earned by the fund.  The decision of the Blanton Trustees will be final.  Submit to the Blanton Chairman (3-year Trustee).

MTNA National Certification

HMTA Chair: Wilford E. Glenn, Jr.

Purpose of Certification: The purpose of MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) certification is to encourage and enable music teachers to attain and maintain the highest professional music standards.  Certification provides recognition of teacher accomplishments and professional standards for qualified members.  MTNA certification affirms that one has met a national standard in a designated field.  MTNA congratulates each nationally certified member and urges those not yet certified to work toward this important professional goal.

Types of Certification: Under its certification program, MTNA offers three types of certificates: the Associate, Certificate, the Professional Certificate and the Master Teacher Certificate. Teachers not holding an appropriate degree can become certified by passing a series of examinations.  The National Emeritus Certificate is available to state and nationally certified teachers who have reached the age of seventy.

Benefits and Recognitions of Certified Teachers: Certified teachers are initially recognized by an MTNA press release and are listed yearly in the Directory of Nationally Certified Teachers, as well as having their names annually published in the September/October issue of The American Music Teacher. This is utilized by other certified teachers when a student is relocating and needs a qualified teacher in his/her new area.

Texas Certification Plan: Original certification in Texas is identical to the MTNA certification except that three of the applicant’s students must provide a demonstration before an evaluation committee.  There are no additional forms required for TMTA certification. For further information, log on to the MTNA website at  

HMTA Teacher Service Award

HMTA TEACHER SERVICE AWARD Chair: Khiam Drury Each year the committee reviews services rendered to HMTA by all of its members. The winner of this award is determined by a point system starting from the year 1969. Accumulated points are tabulated by the chair, and the member who has earned the most will be honored with the presentation of an engraved plaque.

Teacher Service Award Points: PDF list available per request.

Past Winners:

  • 1984 – Bonnie Journeay & Geraldine Sharpley
  • 1985 – Jane Sugars
  • 1986 – Martha Amme McBath
  • 1987 – JoAnn Hoffman & Charles Koch
  • 1988 – Ethel Tucher
  • 1989 – Susan Wallet
  • 1990 – Jeanine Teltschik
  • 1991 – Patricia Rhoads
  • 1992 – Dr. Norma Auchter
  • 1993 – Paul Krystofiak
  • 1994 – Elizabeth Lumpkin
  • 1995 – Suzanne Marion
  • 1996 – No Award
  • 1997 – Prudy Hey
  • 1998 – Ann Keyes
  • 1999 – Norman Schack
  • 2000 – Lynn Anders & Meryl Ettelson
  • 2001 – Laurie Lindemulder
  • 2002 – Dr. Ann Rivers Witherspoon
  • 2003 – Kevin Guess
  • 2004 – Khiam Drury
  • 2005 – Wilford Glenn, Jr.
  • 2006 – John Ford
  • 2007 – Paul Boyd
  • 2008 – Cynthia Whitty
  • 2009 – Dr. Jericho Vasquez
  • 2010 – Constance Dvoretzky
  • 2011 – Yanzi Lin
  • 2012 – Marina Agadjanova
  • 2013 – Lisa Taylor
  • 2014 – Dr. Dariusz Pawlas
  • 2015 – Laura Wright
  • 2016 – Khiam Drury