Activity Expectations & Information for Students 

We are glad you want to participate in these events! Please read all the information below so that everyone can have a good time:

– Be sure that you, your parents, and your teacher know what kind of activity you are participating in. There are two basic kinds of HMTA playing activities:

                        o   COMPETITION or CONTEST – An event where the musical artistry of one participant is compared to all the others.  The most outstanding performers are recognized with honors.

                        o   FESTIVAL – A musical event whereby each participant is given a critique based solely on his/her own skill level.  The performer’s goal is to convey the chosen repertoire with accuracy and conviction.

– When you come to play, be sure that you are dressed for success:

o   Boys:  Wear a dress shirt (long sleeve preferred), pants, and dress shoes; (tie and jacket are optional).

o   Girls:  Wear a dress or blouse and skirt/slacks ensemble.  Flat dress shoes are suggested; (avoid high heels).  No spaghetti strap tops.

o   Both:  No jewelry on wrists and/or fingers.  Pianists need to keep fingernails cut short, and not use colored nail polish.  Long hair needs to be pulled back.

– Students bring their music, with measures numbered, and a critique sheet to most events.  Check with your teacher about this.

– Arrive early at the event location.  Allow plenty of time for parking and to check in at the registration table.

– Some events are open to the public; others are closed.  At an open performance, your parents can be a part of the audience.  At a closed performance, you will be playing privately for adjudication.  (A separate waiting area will be provided for all parents/guardians.)

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